To Joint Venture or not to JV?
That is the question … JV is a term used a lot in the world of professional property investing. JV is the acronym for ‘Joint Venture’ and these can take many different forms. Alongside Kim’s and my design and branding consultancy business, I’m pretty involved in property investing too … […]

To JV or not to JV?

The nights are light, we’re having some glorious sunshine and it’s warming up! And in my farming days that would mean field work would start in earnest again, nurturing the young crops to ensure they grew to their full potential for a good harvest … After the long cold winter […]

Spring is in the Air

Putting Colour In Context
I don’t suppose many stop and think specifically about colours very often? Ok, if we’re decorating our homes, or buying a car, we might stop and think a minute. But we do live in a world of colour and the effect it can have on each of us can be […]

Putting Colour In Context