To Joint Venture or not to JV?
That is the question … JV is a term used a lot in the world of professional property investing. JV is the acronym for ‘Joint Venture’ and these can take many different forms. Alongside Kim’s and my design and branding consultancy business, I’m pretty involved in property investing too … […]

To JV or not to JV?

The Fine Art of Persistence
Kim and I do get asked from time to time how have we managed to keep our design business going for the past 23 years. And the answer is quite simple really. It’s all about persistence … Ambition is the path to success, but persistence is the vehicle you arrive […]

The Fine Art of Persistence

The nights are light, we’re having some glorious sunshine and it’s warming up! And in my farming days that would mean field work would start in earnest again, nurturing the young crops to ensure they grew to their full potential for a good harvest … After the long cold winter […]

Spring is in the Air

Putting Colour In Context
I don’t suppose many stop and think specifically about colours very often? Ok, if we’re decorating our homes, or buying a car, we might stop and think a minute. But we do live in a world of colour and the effect it can have on each of us can be […]

Putting Colour In Context

Marketing Verses Branding
Is marketing the same as branding, or is branding a function of marketing? Or are they two entirely different things altogether? I guess it helps to define what is meant by both terms … The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) defines marketing as “the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating […]

Marketing Verses Branding

Authenticity: In Life And In Business Oh no, here he goes again ...
In my previous blog post, I told you part of my Then, Now, How Story. It was all about who Daniel Bennett is and where does he come from? I encourage everyone to have a go at writing their own story, as this is the essence of your own authenticity […]

Authenticity: In Life And In Business. Oh no, here he ...

Brand Promise Blog
I used to be conceited but I’m perfect now! After my daughter Charlie’s first blog post a few weeks ago, she obviously caught the bug for it. Most annoyingly she got more comments than I usually do … Habits can be good or bad. What life lessons have yours taught […]

Good Habits, Bad Habits And Learning Life’s Lessons