Build Your Sales Funnel And Grow Your Business
A funnel Daniel? What do you mean? Imagine the shape of a household funnel. one you would use to pour liquid in to a container with a small hole. Instead of liquid, it’s people, or more accurately your audience and the changing relationship you have with those people, eventually coming […]

Build Your Sales Funnel And Grow Your Business

Bon Appetit
Oh, I so love France and its culture! The French do seem to have a far better work-life balance than us, with far more importance attached to family, food and eating together. My ideal holiday is somewhere on the coast of France, whether Brittany, the Vendee or further south … […]

Bon Appetit

Authenticity: In Life And In Business Oh no, here he goes again ...
In my previous blog post, I told you part of my Then, Now, How Story. It was all about who Daniel Bennett is and where does he come from? I encourage everyone to have a go at writing their own story, as this is the essence of your own authenticity […]

Authenticity: In Life And In Business. Oh no, here he ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Six Secrets To Success
I’ve recently been studying up on a few people and how they’ve achieved their success. Of course there are many examples, whether that success is financial, sporting, or measured in some other way. And, possibly rather strangely, I have found Arnold Schwarzenegger’s story to be quite fascinating …     […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Six Secrets To Success

Are You Losing Work Because You’re Told You’re Too Expensive
Most of us know the elements that go into communicating your brand: your name, your logo, your website, social media, in fact, anything intended to identify your business and to make it stand out from others … But what is a powerful brand? Well, it’s not about getting your target […]

Are You Losing Work Because You’re Told You’re Too Expensive

Google Is Rebranding
But it’s not quite what you think … Most of you reading this blog post are a million miles away from running a business like Google; there’s no doubt I am. So maybe talking about how Google is changing its branding is not that relevant to the likes of you […]

Alphabet: Google Is Rebranding

Your business grows when your increase sales
An old friend and customer (and Maria, if you’re reading this I don’t mean you’re old!) gave me a call earlier in the week. Maria is co-founder and owner of Hawkshead Relish, a great business with a great story, great people and a great range of products … There are […]

A Business Only Grows When You Increase Sales

Brand Promise reflects on 45 Life Lessons
Have you come across Regina Brett? Allegedly a 90-year old woman who decided to write down 45 Lessons she had learnt from life. And I have to say most, if not all, of these lessons, are pretty bob on … Rather than just copying them in to this blog post, […]

45 Life Lessons

Trust and Respect in branding
It delights me to know my Aunty Jan reads my blog regularly. I have the greatest respect for her and so when she gives me feedback on my blog posts, I do take heed. I did get a bit of a telling off a few weeks ago for using made-up […]

Growing Trust and Building Respect

Brand Promise Blog
I used to be conceited but I’m perfect now! After my daughter Charlie’s first blog post a few weeks ago, she obviously caught the bug for it. Most annoyingly she got more comments than I usually do … Habits can be good or bad. What life lessons have yours taught […]

Good Habits, Bad Habits And Learning Life’s Lessons