To JV or not to JV?

That is the question …

JV is a term used a lot in the world of professional property investing. JV is the acronym for ‘Joint Venture’ and these can take many different forms. Alongside Kim’s and my design and branding consultancy business, I’m pretty involved in property investing too …

To JV or not to JV?

These 2 businesses fit together pretty well primarily, I think, because they’re both about people. That might come as a bit of a surprise to some, thinking that property must be about bricks and mortar, which of course are important.

“Successful property investing is often dependant on the relationships you build with others!”

It’s about finding ways to help each other and ensuring both parties get what they want and need from working together; a classic win-win negotiated outcome. The great Simon Sinek provides a great explanation of relationships in his video:

So, this blog post is not really about property investing, but if you would like to learn more then get in touch with me. It’s more about how we can benefit from great JVs in other ways.

Joint ventures go far beyond a traditional customer-supplier relationship, i.e. the passing of money in return for value from a product or service and yet there are no hard and fast rules of how a JV should work.

Many of the best JVs are where the different parties bring different, but complementary, skills and experience. And in many ways Kim and I are classic JV partners: Kim is a fixer or a mechanic, i.e. she likes to make things work, piecing bits of a jigsaw together to find the best solution. I, on the other-hand, am far more interested working with other people, uncovering their values, their stories and working with them to come up with ideas and strong visions.

“As Kim tells me, it’s then usually up to her to make it all work; not always that easy!”

The outcome of this complementary (and sometimes fiery) relationship is great design work for powerful branding, effective websites, stunning print and events and exhibitions that engage audiences.

So I got to thinking, how else could JV’ing accelerate business performance? If you’ve read Robert Kiyosaki’s, Rich Dad Poor Dad, you’ll be familiar with the concept of the 4 types of income, which in my words amount to:

  1. Salary or wages from employment.
  2. Self-employed income, i.e. getting paid by the hour.
  3. Value based income. Doing something once and receiving repeat income, e.g. writing a best-selling book, or getting other people to do things for you.
  4. The secret of the rich, earning money from their money.

If you’ve not read the book, its well worth it and it’s almost a ‘standard text’ for anyone new to business.

Your preferred source of income is entirely up to you and many want number 1, a regular salary. The other 3 refer to different business models, with the most successful business people usually making their money via number 3 and 4.

So Kim and I would like to find someone we can JV with for a number 3. To complement your skill sets, we will add ours in design and branding and our 25 years of business experience. At this stage we’re open to ideas. Of course just as you will need to consider what works for you, we will need to do likewise.

One idea my mate Daniel Wagner suggested to me was to JV with my blog. So what have I got to offer someone JV’ing with me?

You might be looking to launch your own blog, but don’t know how to start. You maybe don’t have the time to do your own, but know it would be really helpful to your business. A pretty common problem is lack of discipline; how often do you go to someone’s website and see they have a news or blog page and then find it was last updated 18 months ago? It might be you just need some inspiration to create content, or you might be doing everything already, but simply want to grow your audience.

“If you’ve got a business database, are you using it effectively and engaging with your contacts on it?”

What I’d like from some sort of blogging JV is to grow my reader base. If you like my style of content and writing – some do, some don’t, but that’s ok with me – then how about a chat to see if we can help each other? As I said it’s all about a win-win.

So, as every blog post should have, here’s my call to action: drop me an email to talk through the idea of JV’ing around blogging, design and branding, or property investing.

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