How Are You Progressing With Your Business Vision?

Or are you just dicking around?

Sorry for the crudeness, but shouldn’t we be honest with ourselves? I’m sure I’m not the only one who often talks grandiosely about my business vision, but in reality are we taking the actions needed to achieve that dream?

How Are You Progressing With Your Business Vision?

What is the gap between now and the future and what do you need to do to breach that gap and really achieve your business vision?

You know, those actions we really need to do, but tend to put off because we are dealing with day-to-day problems that arise. It’s seems strange to me, that we find it easier to be reactive rather than proactive.

“And yet, if you really can master being proactive, this is what will transform your business from the ordinary in to the extraordinary!”

It really is worthwhile to take a little time to have a think where you are now and then have a think about where you want to be in a time scale that works for you. Personally, I find three years about the right time period – you might prefer 5 or even 10 years.

Now be a little careful here, not about creating yourself a BIG vision for your business and your life, but allowing other people – the naysayers – to try and dissuade you of what is possible. Certainly, as a youngster, all I would hear was, “You can’t do that“, “That’s not possible“, and sometimes even “Don’t be ridiculous” and, more often than not, that was from teachers at school! I do hope educator attitudes have changed since then as we should be encouraging our children to fulfil their dreams and achieve challenging goals!

“Capturing your thoughts, both where you are now and where you want to be is really useful!”

Kim and I do this in different ways. Kim is highly visual – not that surprising seeing as she is a graphic designer – and so would choose to draw pictures of what comes into her mind. I tend to handwrite notes in my black book. You could use a voice recorder, or create a computer file, it doesn’t matter, as long as it works for you.

Now for the really interesting bit – the gap! What is the gap between now and the future and what do you need to do to breach that gap? I’m sure that in your gap, you will find typical challenges to overcome: financing, employing people, branding, marketing, sales and production.

If we take Branding as an example, you might recognise your current situation is you find it easy to say what it is you do, you might with a little more thought be able to explain how you do it (often what differentiates you from your competitors), but maybe you find it very difficult to explain ‘why’ you do what you do.

“But why is your why so important?”

I have previously suggested listening to Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why. You can also if you’d like. I find Simon’s thoughts compelling and he is so eloquent to boot.

Think 3 years ahead. More than likely, you want a growing and loyal customer base that truly understands the value you deliver. No more quoting and tendering. No more price negotiations and discounting. No more ‘manipulative’ marketing strategies. Simply customers who trust and value you.

To achieve this, your brand needs to deliver your why to your audience. And if you can’t understand why you do what you do, how can your customers? But getting your why right is what will build you a high value and loyal customer base and your why is at the heart of your brand.

So maybe I’ve now persuaded you that gaining clarity on your why and implementing yourself a powerful brand is an essential part of achieving your business vision? But now you have to prioritise the necessary actions!

There’s a fair chance you’ll decide that to build your brand you can take on the tasks yourself, but in 6 months time, you may realise you either haven’t actually achieved anything or what you’ve done is not right.

At this point you either deprioritise the whole exercise and so your business vision crumbles too, or you realise its time to surround yourself with the right people – experts in their fields – who can generate the massive value you’re looking for, from your initial investment in time and energy.

If you reached the point of realising you’ve been ‘dicking around’ for far too long and now really is the time to take big action to generate real value from your brand, you may want to drop me an email to arrange an initial telephone consultation.

Some further reading about your business vision:

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And remember: deciding to do something is not the same as doing it; it’s the action that counts. Start implementing, right now!

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